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「songs for a pigeon」プロジェクト 展覧会開催のお知らせ

◆「songs for a pigeon」プロジェクト 展覧会開催のお知らせ

この度、a piece of space APSとギャラリーカメリアでは、スイス・日本国交樹立150周年を記念し、2004年より両ギャラリーにて企画展を開いてきたスイス・日本の作家たちを中心に展覧会を開催いたします。

本展は、美術家・東亭順(あずまてい・じゅん)と共に、スイスでの取材も含め準備を進めて参りました。APSとカメリアではこれまで継続してきた企画展(“ a piece of work ”と“Face to Face”)として≪songs for a pigeon≫プロジェクトに参加するものです。

両ギャラリーの他、在日本スイス大使館 (東京/広尾)、EARTH+GALLERY、gallery COEXIST-TOKYO (東京/木場)、プラザギャラリー (東京/調布)、N-mark (愛知/名古屋)にて、プロジェクト期間内に順次開催いたします。(詳細:


"a piece of space APS" and Gallery Camellia are pleased to announce five solo and two group exhibitions, which will be held by eight Japanese and Swiss artists. We will hold exhibitions in conjunction with the project songs for a pigeon, which is an official participant in the 150th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Switzerland and Japan, organized by the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan.

In the "a piece of work Series" (APS) and the "Face to Face Series" (Camellia), we will present Swiss and Japanese artists, many of whom have held shows at our galleries. Our basic idea is that the 150-year relation between the two countries was not only realized due to diplomatic reasons, but also through individuals who cultivated amicable relationships on a more personal level. We hope that the exhibited works and the artists can help create person-to-person interrelations that can lead to the transcending of the borders between all countries.

We look forward to your visit !

(songs for a pigeon will also be held in Tokyo at: the Embassy of Switzerland, EARTH+GALLERY, gallery COEXIST-TOKYO and Plaza Gallery; and in Nagoya, at N-mark. For further information please visit: )

(Curated by Taeko Nanpei & Naoko Harada)


◆a piece of space APS / "a piece of work" Series

#32 東亭順
インスタレーション: FLOWERS (red camouflage)、他

#33 スザンナ・ニーデラー
インスタレーション:C'era una Volta、他

◆ギャラリーカメリア / Face to Face

Face to Face #4 東亭順

Face to Face #5 ダヴィド・ベルヴェガー

Face to Face #6 アクセル・テップファー

Face to Face #7: ダヴィド・ベルヴェガー・アクセル・テップファー・ヒルデガード・シュピールホファー・小林俊哉

Face to Face #8: スザンナ・ニーデラー・ゲルダ・マイゼ・山極満博


小林俊哉 X 東亭順 トーク進行:菊池由紀子(アートコーディネーター)

ダヴィド・ベルヴェガー x アクセル・テップファー xスザンナ・ニーデラー

【開催場所】〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座1-9-8奥野ビル

【開催日時】 12:00-19:00 火曜―日曜  (月曜休廊 但し11/24開廊)

【連絡先】 a piece of space APS/アプス 南平妙子


songs for a pigeon プロジェクト:
期間:2014年10月23 日(木)- 12 月7 日(日)
後援:スイス大使館 助成:プレゼンス・スイス公認:日本スイス国交樹立150 周年記念事業

a piece of space APS and Gallery Camellia
Exhibitions in Participation with the Project songs for a pigeon

◆a piece of space APS: a piece of work Series

Oct. 31 (Fri.) - Nov. 11 (Tue.), 2014:
#32 Jun Azumatei
Installation: FLOWERS (red camouflage), and other small works

Nov. 15 (Sat.) - 29, (Sat.), 2014:
#33 Susanna Niederer
Installation: C'era una Volta, and other small works

◆Gallery Camellia: Face to Face Series

Space 1
Oct. 31 (Fri.) - Nov. 11 (Tue.), 2014:
Face to Face #4: Jun Azumatei

Nov. 13 (Thu.) - 20, (Thu.), 2014:
Face to Face #5: David Berweger

Nov. 22 (Sat.) - 29, (Sat.), 2014:
Face to Face #6: Axel Topfer

Space 2
Oct. 31 (Fri.) - Nov. 11 (Tue.), 2014:
Face to Face #7: David Berweger, Axel Topfer, Hildegard Spielhofer, Toshiya Kobayashi

Nov. 13 (Thu.) - 29, (Sat.), 2014:
Face to Face #8: Susanna Niederer, Gerda Maise, Mitsuhiro Yamagiwa

Opening Reception & Artists' Talk:
Oct. 31 (Fri.), 17:00 - 19:00
Toshiya Kobayashi × Jun Azumatei
MC: Yukiko Kikuchi (Art Coordinator)

Opening Reception & Gallery Talk:
Nov. 15 (Sat.), 17:00 - 19:00
David Berweger × Axel Topfer × Susanna Niederer
Interpreter: Sayaka Okamoto

Venues: 1-9-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Okuno Bld. #502 (Camellia) & #511 (APS)
Open: 12:00 - 19:00, Tue. to Sun. (Closed on Mon., except Nov. 24)
Contact: a piece of space APS, Taeko Nanpei

Facebook Site:Camellia + APS

songs for a pigeon

Project: Period: Oct. 23 (Thu.) - Dec. 7 (Sun,), 2014;
Supported by Embassy of Switzerland; Subsidized by Presence Switzerland Officially approved by the 150th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Switzerland and Japan